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How to Study Mathematics for Any Examination

Mathematics is a subject that every student has to study at least once in their lifetime. Mathematics is a subject which requires lots of dedication and practice. There is no shortcut to master the concepts of mathematics. To understand the topics of mathematics you have to you have practice lots of mathematical problems of different difficulty level. Here in this article, we will discuss how to study mathematics for competitive exams.

Study Place:

Studying mathematics needs an optimal environment. Choose a place in your home which is distraction free and has appropriate lighting so that you can read whatever is written in the textbook or in the notebook.


Before you start studying for your upcoming examinations make sure you have the syllabus of the examination. Knowing the syllabus of the examination will help to prepare for the examination in a better way.

Time Table:

Try to make a timetable for your upcoming examination. Making a timetable will help you to prepare for your exam in a smooth way. Make sure you have assigned maximum time to the topics in which you feel you are weak.

Mobile Applications:

Mobile applications play an important role in education, there are plenty of mobile applications available in the market. Choose one that fulfills your criteria. Suppose you are solving questions related to area of trapezium and you are facing some difficulty while solving the questions. Then you can go through these mathematical applications to clarify the doubts.

Solve Previous Year Paper and Sample Paper:

Solving previous year questions papers and sample papers will help you to know the types of questions asked in the examinations, the marking schemes and lot more.

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